Raees and the weekend gone by…

It’s yet another back to back movie weekend for me with Raees being the Sunday pick for movies. The weekend has been eventful especially with the announcement of  Sasikala as the new Chief Minister in TN creating a wave of skepticism among the TN voters.

To start with Raees the movie is predominantly sculpted by Shahrukh Khan. He gives all the shape, form and life to the movie as an underworld liquor baron. Raees is supposed to be an innocent school going child born and raised in the relatively poorer suburbs  of Gujarat.It is a classic case of how this innocent child transforms to a liquor smuggler just to buy the eye glasses which his mother could not afford. Being a mother of some weird principle of indebtedness she refuses the doctor’s offer to provide him the glasses without any immediate payment and that paves the way for little Raees to turn to illicit ways to fund his glasses.

Raees meets Jairaj, Musa and whole bunch of other leaders in the underworld liquor industry who are appalled by his talent to transport illicit liquor  at a young age. Jairaj is the man who  nurtures Raees and the rise and rise of Raees. Raees neither likes to be called the ‘battery’ nor does he believe in  businesses being small. His faith in the underworld business is relentless and reaches a point where he is ready to compete with with his own Guru Jairaj in the business. Jairaj tackles the threat by tapping  Raees’s penury and serious lack of money. As Jairaj sets a deadline of 3 days to raise 100000 rupees on his own Raees sets out on his mission to Mumbai to accomplish the same.There begins an endless sequence of violence and Raees in expansion mode.

If there is one character who can unexpectedly steal the show from Raees it is police officer Mujumdhar who enlightens Raees by letting him know that he is living in a dream world called ‘business’ which is nothing but a crime in his eyes. Officer Mujumdhar is neither the type who can be bribed or the type who can be convinced of business ethics in what is supposed to be a non-business criminal activity. Raees rises and rises in the state and becomes a close aid of even the Chief Minister of the state who is well-connected to the underworld activities. While the rise of Raees as a liquor baron to an aspiring local political candidate neither stops nor stumbles officer Mujumdar remains a major thorn in his side waiting to give him the final blow. In the end the blow comes in a way unimaginable among most audience when Raees is shot down mid-way during travel with police officers in an encounter. The ending scene deserves applause.

Like any other man Raees also has a wife  and father’s a child and has never really enjoyed his life as a gangster. Can he blame poverty for his actions ? How long are we going to blame poverty for such crimes is something that needs to be introspected in this movie.

Coming to the other significant development during this weekend which is the appointment of Sasikala as the new CM of Tamil Nadu raises questions of efficient governance in the state. Giving the baton to her simply to fulfill the dreams of Jayalalitha might not augur well with all voters. Although she has been given the mandate of carrying on the legacy and unfulfilled dreams of Jayalalitha even AIADMK voters may not be convinced of her capability. Given the fragility and weakness of the new leader when compared to Jayalalithaa chances are that she might not last long before opposition parties who are already waiting to pounce on the opportunity eat into her party’s votes.

With the state of TN already facing a cultural quagmire due to issues like Jallikattu what kind of developmental activities can we expect from the new CM. Are we going to think in the direction of providing hassle free smart cards which can be topped up online for metro rail travel or work backwards culturally to focus on village issues. No development can be possible without proper infrastructure and every CM is aware of this. A cricketer with immense talent cannot be successful without infrastructural support like proper grounds, practice nets and other modern tools like bowling machines. So I think the new CM should focus on providing the relevant infrastructure be it the farmer or the startup entrepreneur to  succeed in whatever he is doing. As everyone else I remain in wait and watch mode.




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