How it feels to be a 30-something…

As I approach the end of yet another year in my 30s I explore how it feels to be 30-something and beyond.

  1. Your are more focused on accumulating more wealth in the 30s by putting your reputation and leadership to work than your talent.
  2. You are more health conscious and make daily exercise and healthy food choices a norm in your daily life.
  3. You like to spend more time on hobbies and grow your interests outside of regular work.
  4.  It’s the right time to put the theory of lost talents to work from time to time.
  5. You prefer focusing on quality of time spent than quantity.
  6. You prefer stability and clarity in your personal life.
  7. Your vacations are always more planned than random.
  8. You prefer to hang out with only those who enhance your career and business interests and distance yourself from others.
  9. You expect more respect without giving back the same amount to others.
  10. You prefer to have an experienced and wealthy identity in society even if you are not.
  11. You don’t want any surprises to your personal life, financial life or your daily routines.

And the list goes on….


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