Summer , Fitness and Cricket…

It’s almost mid-May and if you have been sitting at home with a 1.5 TON air-conditioner working 24/7 for you then you have no idea how hot it is getting each day outside. I would draw similar analogy to sedentary lifestyles where we sit in the office working for long hours without realizing the long term consequences.

As I look back towards my younger days and compare the amount of physical activity I used to perform to the levels today the difference is easily mind boggling. A simple experiment of mine to get back to playing some serious professional cricket in the past one month says it all. Having spent more than 8-10 years off the cricket field I find it too challenging to even get back to basic fitness levels required for playing a 20-over game.  A larger part of this challenge is always in the mind than the body because the body simply responds to what your mind thinks.  I wouldn’t call my experiment a failure by any means because I was able show significant progress in regaining my cricketing skills by spending time at the nets and practicing during the weekends.

Cricket demands an active to very active lifestyle and it is important for your mind to think about the game constantly both on and off the field. Unfortunately my day job belongs to an industry classified in the other end of the lifestyle spectrum which is “Sedentary”. Think about the amount of activity you lose sitting before a computer for 8 hours. A cricketer would typically start his fitness routine by 6 or 7 am in the morning which could include running , stretching and some time in the gym. The evenings could include a 2-hour net session or yet another fitness routine. So almost 4 hours of solid time is dedicated for sports activity while a sedentary lifestyle will struggle to accommodate even 1 hour. Most people in the end settle for a 30-minute fitness target.

You have to be super smart in time management to ensure a good balance between a day job and weekend cricket which is good enough to meet match fitness. Using your office gym, end your day with a night run , stretching and doing basic weights at home are some of your options to bridge the gap. If you still feel out of confidence a mini summer camp or 10-day cricket camp at one of the local cricket academies should do the trick.


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