Half Girl Fired….

Haha 🙂 I can only start with a laugh about this movie. If you have read the book reading it again should make you feel better than watching the movie. Everybody knows Chetan Bhagat is good at writing girly stories without much fuss but when heroic attempts are made to convert them to a movie success comes only partially or half just like the half girl friend.

First of all I don’t believe in any half girlfriends. The so callled ‘Half-girl friends’ have an unresolvable heart problem which spreads like cancer, often to the poor guy. Riya Somani is a rich girl who plays good basketball while Madhav Jha is a boy from the relatively poorer communities of Bihar. Both of them meet together at Stephen’s college basketball courts and a romantic friendship blossoms among the two. Madhav can neither speak good English nor understand rich girls with split personality.

Madhav’s moves to breach the friendship lines through movie dates do not go well but Riya Somani’s moves to kiss him to death succeeds – The only difference being death comes slowly to Madhav after the poison works his way through the body and the sensible part of his mind. Riya Somani is no match whatsoever with Madhav – Neither the way he speaks nor the way he dresses nor the way he fantasizes girls. Trouble arrives to Madhav when Riya decides to marry a Londoner. Innocence and helplessness spread all over his face unable to find answers for Riya’s physical moves.

Madhav decides to go back to his village and do some marketing to gain funding from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for toilets in his village schools.  Riya becomes his English mentor only to see him stutter and stumble in front of Mr.Gates. The story is so well conveyed page by page as it appears in the book that at one point I felt like searching for the page numbers. The rest of the story is about how Madhav finds lost Riya in New York and regains his status as her half boyfriend (which is a whole load of bullsh*t in the end).

The story is meant to be emotional and acting is good in parts but believe me, an assertive egoistic audience like me will never tolerate so much from a girl like Riya. This is well conveyed by Madhav’s friend in the first half of the movie and I thought his acting deserves appreciation. Riya, in the end, remains the insensitive, stubborn and childish girl who cannot decide beyond a worthless friend with minimal benefits relationship which I think is stupid when he wants to marry her and Madhav remains the innocent English learning boy who struggles to match some serious richness. Worth the time ? Definitely no. Theatres were empty and probably suits boring couples who have not even read the book or know who Chetan Bhagat is.  Shraddha Kapoor as Riya Somani and Arjun as Madhav Jha should be an insult to themselves in spite of some good performances by Arjun Kapoor.

The movie is definitely vulnerable to criticism from not so romantic guys like me who neither plays basketball nor struggles with English nor wants a half girlfriend. Watch it with some tolerance programmed beforehand.


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