Sachin – A Billion Dreams…

26-May-2017….Sounds like the start of a great test series  ? No. It’s Sachin rebirth day if not his birthday. How does it feel to screen a biography film after 2 decades of glory in the cricket field ? I can’t explain unless you are made to appear before a grand audience for an act of unending applause – Only difference being Sachin never had to act but just appear before all of us and tell a story. The story is not a bollywood film but a life history spanning several generations beyond one’s imagination.

Sachin was born more than 10 years before I was born (1984) but anybody can tell we are the luckiest generation to have witnessed the greatest batsman cricket has ever known. There is no lose talk when someone says Sachin is great and probably this movie and my blog is meant to explain the same. So why is Sachin great ? All of us know why without needing an explanation but for some weird reason I feel like telling the Sachin story for the newer and other future generations too.

He is great because he started playing international cricket at the age of 16 which in a way meant there was some serious talent or lack of talent in India. It feels empty without knowing how things started for Sachin as a kid in Mumbai facing his first ball at the practice nets in Shivaji Park. No cricketer can ever be taught beyond the basics and his coach Achrekar and brother Ajit had the encouragement for him to flourish. Sachin obviously has a deep cricketing brain which no-one understands unless you analyze some of his matches and the shots he plays. The film was a treat to watch just like his 100s and 50s with some memorable shots which commentators have admired and enjoyed. Behind the scenes his life is played like a mellifluous song and moves everyone in a heart-throbbing fashion with his wife Anjali and her kids sharing some time immemorial videos.

No player has ever created a reminiscence of such a strong memory etched among fans and audience through years of tv watching and screaming in their houses, shops and sports bars. Memories flow like a river across the nation. All I could do is sit and be in a state of shock and awe with some fun filled screams of ‘Sachin Sachin’ ,’Come On Sachin’ etc..I played the song ‘Sachin Sachin’ several times over and over again before I could reach the depths that he had touched playing the game across countries in various pitches and conditions. Thanks to Sukhwinder Singh for presenting a song of deep inspiration.  The film tells you more about what you don’t know about Sachin than what you already know – Things like Sachin visiting the MRF pace foundation, innocent media interviews , Pakistani sledging , his captaincy , world cup winnings and loses and the various other challenges such as managing disappointment and grooming his kids.

What makes me crazy is the fact that he scored a hundred in England in spite of his father’s loss. I wouldn’t have dared to play beyond 7 deliveries before I returned back home. Such is his passion for this game unmatched so far by any other cricketer. Greatness is not some augmented reality show but years of hard work, dedication and some no nonsense cricket standing the test of time and longevity.  I felt heavy and wildly cold by the end of the show when he receives the ‘Bharat Ratna’ from the President of India. Sachin is culture , religion , god , prayer and father of cricket in India carrying the weight of this nation and the weight of the Indian cricket team for several years without frustration. His retirement speech says it all in true colors and spirit. The movie should be no more than an inexplicable experience for even someone who has never known him. History for sure !!!


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